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Cancellation Policy

You have to contact us in through mail if you want to cancel the tour package reserved. It shall only be known that this message was provided by our company employees upon receipt of the same.

Notwithstanding the cancellation cause, like medical emergencies, or abortion, the cancellation charge may apply. You understand and acknowledge that these charges are genuine and are the pre-estimate of the damages that our Company will suffer on account of cancellation is made by you.

If the cancellations are being made for group bookings due to any reasons, it shall increase the cancellation charge for the group which cost cannot be loaded upon other group members travelling. Therefore the cancellation charges can be on the higher side to moderate that loss which the company has to bear for your cancellation.

Our company tries, though, in terms of cancellation policy to reduce the cost to you as much as possible. You also understand clearly that the above cancellation fees are paid without dispute by you and that they are explained to you when the itinerary is finalized. If the tour is 100% confirmed and delivered there shall be 100% Cancellation charges

Cancellation Charges for Holiday Packages:
• The deposit amount or 25 per cent of the tour expenses (if fully paid) is to be charged as cancellation charges for cancellations made before 30 days or over the departure date.
• 50% of the tour bill is paid for cancellations within 29 days and 15 days before the date of departure.
• 75 per cent of the tour cost is charged for cancellations made between 14 days and 8 days of the tour.
• 100% cancellation fees apply for cancellations made within 8 days of the tour and no compensation will be issued.
• The cancellation charges are subject to change as per the dates of travel/seasonality or other conditions levied by third party suppliers.

The only option of the Embassy is to approve and deny VISAS. Our business works only as a VISA facilitator. In no circumstance will the company will be held responsible or accountable for any other unintentional or resulting injury, loss, harm, cost or expenditure following the denial of VISAS. You must provide a copy of the VISA that you have been issued.

When, within the above-noted duration of cancellation, denial of VISA is confirmed by the Embassy, the cancellation fee as seems to apply. You must submit VISA Refusal to us. The cancellation under this head is considered only if we receive the intimation from the VISA refusal of the embassy to assess the cancellation rate applicable.

When you make your reservation, it is important to contact for all forms of refunds. Refund will be paid directly to your wallet for the cancellation of air tickets. The repayment is only available with the same credit card if a Credit/Debit Card is issued. Because of banking processes, a refund process can take a maximum period of 5-7 business days. For net banking, 7-8 business days may be required. Refunds against the Cancellation of Hotel Reservation The hotel cancellation refunds are subject to the cancellation policies of hotels. In addition to hotel cancellations, we only charge negligence of Rs. 300 for each room as a cancellation service fee.


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