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Tourism in India is today working on its strongest growth charts after a long gap. As the Indian economy is being integrated with the mainstream international affairs, companies/countries are realizing the benefits of doing business with India. This business interest to tap the growing Indian market for various products and services has brought in its wake a number of travellers, both tourists and business travellers.

Opportunities for all those involved in the Indian Tourism Industry are immense, and the changes in the industry over the years with the advent of technology have set new standards for the players involved, primarily, all Indian travel agencies.

Over the years the travel industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Not only it is a multi-million dollar industry globally, it is one of the prime contributors to India's GDP as well. Various components go into making this business successful from tour operators to travel boards, from hotels to destination managers, and much more. The objective of Aerospace Holidays is to make "Travel" a truly magical experience.


Established in 2006, Aerospace Holidays Pvt Ltd is a licensed and a registered company having a strong, professional team comprising of a dedicated staff which is flexible, multilingual and technically advanced to help its clients have a memorable experience with the best of the best.  Every event is planned and executed with high emphasis on details which is why we are a leading name and are good at what we do. We also work closely with freelance experts in the field to bring in more varied experience and a broader approach to serve our clients better. Aerospace Holidays Pvt. Ltd is a reputed name in the Travel Industry based in the Capital Region of India, New Delhi with associate offices at Jammu, Leh & Cochin.

Aerospace Holidays is an IATA accredited Organization & an active member of OTOAI (Outbound Tour Association of India) & ADTOI (Association of Domestic Tour Operators of India)
Aerospace Holidays has been recognized by Tourism Board of various Countries like South Africa, Australia, New Zealand & Turkey.
Aerospace Holidays is a regular Participant in the Travel Trade Events like TTF, SATTE, OTM etc.


  • » Air Ticketing (International & Domestic)
  • » International Packages
  • » Domestic Packages
  • » Sports tourism
  • » Group Tours
  • » Religious Holidays
  • » International Hotel bookings
  • » Domestic Hotel Bookings
  • » Cruises Vacations
  • » Rail Europe
  • » Overseas Travel Insurance


      » International Package Bookings - A franchisee will be given a quote which will be commissionable to them by 8%.
      » Domestic Package Bookings – A franchisee will be given a quote which will be commissionable to them by 10%.
      » Hotel Bookings - A franchisee will be given a quote which will be commissionable to them by 7%.
      » International flight Bookings - A franchisee will be given a quote which will be commissionable to them by 3% of the basic fare (excluding taxes).
      » Domestic flight Bookings - A franchisee will be given Portal of our Company where Franchisee can book the Domestic Tickets. Commission Structure will be mentioned on the portal.
      » Cruise Bookings - A franchisee will be given a quote which will be commissionable to them by 10%.
      » Overseas Travel Insurance Bookings - A franchisee will be given a quote which will be commissionable to them by 25%
      » Rail Europe Bookings - A franchisee will be given a quote which will be commissionable to them by 4%
      » Group Bookings - This shall be decided on query to query basis.


    The main role of the Franchisee is to generate more & more business. Franchisee should give Advertisements in the Local Magazines, Newspaper & Local TV Channels on a regular basis.
    Apart from that, a franchisee will get leads from our website as we are promoting it all over India. The franchisee shall bear 25% of the cost of the expenses made on promotion of the website.


    1. Franchisee must have Office premises of at least 400 Sq.fts.
    2. Premises should have a provision of a Sign-Board which will be clearly visible.|
    3. Office must have two telephone lines, a fax line and proper air-conditioning.
    4. Office must have a computer, internet connectivity, printer and a scanner.
    5. Unit must have minimum 2 executive staff who are fluent in English and their regional language.


    1. Franchisee will pay a Brand Royalty Fee of INR 3,00,000/- for 2 years to Aerospace Holidays. This is a franchisee fee which will be non-refundable.
    2. An optional interest free refundable floating deposit of minimum INR 2,00,000 shall be payable to Aerospace Holidays to accept & process your last minute confirmations.
    3. The Franchisee will operate as per the guidelines and parameters set by the Aerospace Holidays H.O. in Delhi from time to time.
    4. The Franchisee should be bound by the terms and conditions mentioned in the Franchise agreement.
    5. No financial commitments related to discounts or overcharging is allowed on behalf of Aerospace Holidays to any individual or company without written consent from the H.O.
    6. Franchisee should not during the term of agreement, shall not engage in any other identical business similar to the Franchisee.
    7. Aerospace Holidays will not be obliged to fulfil any commitment on behalf of the Franchise unit that has been incorrectly interpreted to any client being individual or company.
    8. Stationery should be printed only after obtaining written approval by the Head Office.
    9. Aerospace Holidays will not be able to incorporate the agents name in their advertisements as per company policy, however, telephone numbers will be positioned in advertisements at the sole discretion of the Head Office.
    10. Aerospace Holidays won’t provide any Credit facility to the Franchisee and likewise any credit provided by the Franchisee to the client must be dealt with on their on risk.


    1. The Primary benefit of franchising is risk minimization as starting a new business is risky.
    2. The experience of Aerospace Holidays management team increases the potential success through formal instruction & on the Job Training.
    3. The Franchisee name will be displayed on more than 15 websites of Aerospace Holidays.
    4. The queries generated on our website from Chennai and nearby places shall be transferred to the Chennai Franchisee Office.
    5. Franchisee will be invited to all the Travel Trade Events which would take place in India or Abroad where Aerospace Holidays will be a Participant.
    6. Franchisee will be provided with the Copy of the Certificate of IATA, ADTOI & OTOAI to display in the office. 

    It is our constant endeavour to provide our customers with superior quality services. An executive decision has been taken by Aerospace Holidays Managing Director to appoint dedicated franchise agents in India to facilitate our valued patrons. The objective is to shorten the turn-around time in servicing our customers. Expanding our network is the obvious solution. Hence the franchise policy is in place.


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