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Terms and Conditions

• General Agreement/Acceptance is a travel company, only operating the tours. This is a general agreement between the company and the users that specify the use of this website. Using this website means agreeing to all the terms and conditions and thereby you abide by them.

• Booking the tour is subject to availability and shall vary depending on the country, number of packs, date of travel and other subjects like airlines, hotels, transfers and services added. The price hike is subject to weekend surcharges and peak-season and no claim shall be made if the tourist price charge was higher than the price paid by any other tour of the same group or any other tourist group.

• You accept that no third-party provider is responsible or accountable for the product. Besides, the service provided directly by the third party shall not be claimed by the company. The company hold no liability for compensation or refund and must be made directly to/by the party.

• The company is not liable for any kind of injury or loss concerning life, limb, property, sickness, discomfort, additional expenses. No compensation will be given in case of any indirect or consequential losses and damages. Any changes made by the third party (Destination Management Companies) shall be updated as soon as informed. However, the company is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred by this material.

• The company has all the rights to change or modify the itineraries under needed circumstances. You will be informed about the changes and accept your complete coordination. Therefore we are bound to make the operational changes necessitated due to factors beyond our control such as strikes, fairs, festival(s), sport event(s), weather condition(s), traffic problem(s), overbooking of hotel(s)flight(s), cancellation, re-routing of flight(s) or railway, closure of/ restricted entry at a place of sightseeing etc.

• Getting a visa before the tour and exchanging the currency should be done by the guests itself. The company holds the rights to refuse the assistance for applying for the visa if there are certain complications with the documents provided. If the guest himself is looking over visa and passport, it is their responsibility to provide all the needed documents.

• The company is not liable for delay or cancellation of flights and no compensation shall be made by our end. The company is also not responsible for any damage caused by the airlines and you should directly approach the airlines to compensate for your loss.

• It is advised to read the inclusion and exclusion before finalizing the tour. Anything not mentioned in the inclusion needs to be paid directly by the guest. Availing service that is not included with the sightseeing or hotels needs to be managed by you.


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