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United Arab Emirates
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NOTE: As per the Dubai Immigration, following points should be taken care of before applying for a Visa.


  • Profession entered on the visa application should be accurate. Please mention "Business" as profession only if the applicant is able to factually prove so. Applications can be rejected on basis of incorrect profession being inserted as this will be counterchecked with previous records.
  • Applicants under 20 years of age should travel accompanied by an immediate relative (parents / siblings). In this case supporting documents like passport copy should be attached in the applicant's application form.
  • Applicant under 20 years of age is visiting UAE based family members in UAE . The family members should be holding a valid residence visa for UAE and profession category to be above blue collar. Details of the family member/s to be inserted or attached to the application.
  • Female passengers above the age of 20 years should either be accompanied by husband, brother, father, son or should be visiting an immediate relative. In either case name of the accompanying passenger / relative in UAE is required to be provided in the application indicating the relationship.
  • 96hrs visas are specifically applicable to applicants transiting through Dubai Airport. Applicantshould hold a confirmed ticket to an onward destination and not returning back to point of origin. The ticket copies need to be enclosed within the application on the system.


Note: There are three channels for The Indian National to apply for UAE Visa.


  1. If applying through Sponsor in UAE.
  2. If applying through DVPC.
  3. If applying through Dubai Marhaba Services.

Please read details below. Documentation is necessary for all three. Fee and procedure is different.





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